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Something Big Is Coming >:)

2011-11-28 21:31:37 by H4llucin8

Anyone wanna give me a song title? I'll vote on the first three I get. New song coming in the next few days. Get ready!


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2011-11-28 23:14:16

Something Big Is Coming sounds good. How about Electric-Chair Bugaloo. Or maybe Purple Haired Goth Chick. Last one: I'm Happy You're Sad.

H4llucin8 responds:

I'm liking "I'm Happy You're Sad". Its kind of a chill but ominous song that makes you feel badass. Super low, almost quiet bass, like in "Sometimes Things Get, Whatever" by Deadmau5. The only thing I need is a simple, random vocal sample that ISN'T copywrited. Have any suggestions?


2011-11-29 23:20:51

Glad to oblige! TV news would be a great source for vocals - think about it, when someone holds a press conference or shows some old archived stuff, it comes from many sources, and is generally considered in the public trust.
... at least, that's what I used to tell my public TV manager.