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I dun goofed.

2012-08-09 05:46:02 by H4llucin8

Turns out my song Cyliciben's title is spelled completely wrong. And I've been incorrectly spelling it for this entire time. It is actually spelled "Psilocybin", and will be edited very soon.

Hiatus: Broken!

2012-05-31 01:33:09 by H4llucin8

Be sure to check out my new track, "Your Mom"!

New Song!

2012-02-17 17:42:55 by H4llucin8

Yes. Check it out.

Errors 'n' shit....

2012-01-28 16:26:48 by H4llucin8

Updated "Cyliciben"... But had to completely delete the old one. Anyways, just bear with me.


2012-01-28 07:38:42 by H4llucin8

Just submitted my newest song! First time dong anything like Dubstep... So I hope you enjoy it! It's called Cyliciben.


2012-01-09 02:29:22 by H4llucin8

Thinking about updating a couple of my songs to make them less repetitive and more Housey. Adding more, subtracting shit... You know, just making them better. Should I? You decide.


2011-12-31 00:08:03 by H4llucin8

New song, "Bumped Space" now available! Please Vote, Comment, and Download!


2011-12-05 23:53:39 by H4llucin8

I require someone to provide me a few vocal samples. For details, PM me. Help would be much appreciated!!!

Something Big Is Coming >:)

2011-11-28 21:31:37 by H4llucin8

Anyone wanna give me a song title? I'll vote on the first three I get. New song coming in the next few days. Get ready!


2011-11-07 23:00:54 by H4llucin8

On kind of a hiatus... At least until I can get some inspiration. Can anyone help me out here? any good song ideas? Wanna collab? I'll give credit to anyone who helps. PM me if you wanna talk techno.